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Here are some frequently asked questions about venueScout:

For Exhibition/Event Venues and Service Providers:


  1. Who can register for a listing on venueScout.org?
    venueScout listings are open to exhibition and event venues and service providers for the events industry globally, with the exemption of NATO-sanctioned countries.
  2. Why do I have to sign-up and register my account, even if I only want to verify my free basic venue listing?
    We need to verify that you are able to act on behalf of the respective venue or service provider, and ensure that there is no misconduct of business. In order to do this, we need to verify your contact details. Thank you very much for understanding!
  3. What will happen after I sign-up/register an account?
    Here is how it works:
    • You sign-up for an account and claim an existing or create a new venue or service provider listing
    • You can update any details and confirm that the information included in your listing is accurate
    • When you’re ready, you publish your venue or service provider page for our audience of event planners and organizers
  4. I am having trouble with the registration, can I get help?
    Yes, of course! We are on stand-by and happy to answer any queries you might have. Please do get in touch with us immediately.
  5. Do I need a username and password to log into my venueScout account?
    No, venueScout uses a “Lazy-login” verification method that doesn’t require a username and password for the user to access their account. We send you an email every time you try to log in, which logs you into your account automatically. This way we provide you a secure login every time without the need to remember a username or password which could be compromised.

    Claiming a Venue

  1. What is the “Claim venue” function I see on some of the venue listings page?
    The claim venue function on venueScout is designed to allow owners of a particular venue to be added under their account in order to make further updates and add content to improve that listing. If you see a “Claim venue” notification on a particular venue listing page, it means that no owner has designated this venue as one that they manage/oversee just yet.
  2. Can I claim a venue or listing that does not belong to me or that I do manage?
    venueScout listings work on the honor system and expects individuals will only claim a venue in which they or their organization is actually involved with. However, as mistakes sometimes occur, we also have a checks and balance process in the case venue listings are wrongfully claimed.
  3. What happens if another individual has claimed a venue that belongs to me or that I want to claim?
    If you believe want to claim a venue which has already been claimed we suggest you follow these steps:
    • Check with your organization if another member of your company has already claimed the listing on the group’s behalf
    • Write to us to file an inquire regarding the claimed venue
    • In the event you cannot wait for a reply, you may also opt to create a new listing within venueScout of the same venue. Our backend support team will be notified of the duplicate listing and reconcile the manner

    Updating my venue details / Managing my account

  1. Will I be able to update my business profile(s) at a later stage?
    Yes, as soon as you log into your venueScout account, you are able to edit and publish your business listing information.
  2. I don’t have a website, can I still be listed on venueScout.org?
    Unfortunately not, you need to hold your own business website in order to qualify for a listing with venueScout.
  3. How do I list my business(es) on venueScout.org?
    Once you have registered for your account (please see instructions above), you will be able to add one or more business listings to venueScout by clicking on ‘Add Business +` in your account.


  1. What kind of photos should I upload?
    You should upload images that represent and sell your business in its best light. These could be room or hall images, façade images, photos of services you provided in the past – anything that showcases what your business is about.
  2. How many images are displayed on my business listing page?
    With your basic free listing on venuescout.org you are able to include one image for your business. Platinum profile holders can include up to ten images for the general image gallery as well as up to ten images each per published room/hall.
  3. What else can I upload to my listing page?
    You can upload documents in the following formats: pdf/ppt/pptx/doc/docx/xls/xlsx

    My listing on venueScout.org

  1. When will my business listing be set live?
    As soon as you hit ‘Publish’ your business listing will appear live on venueScout.
  2. How can I make my business listing stand out to grow my business?
    Whether you are a venue owner or a service provider: Make sure that you submit as much detailed information as possible for your business listing. Ensure that there are no gaps and accompany the ‘hard facts’ with a beautiful image.

    For venues: Make your listing even stand out more by upgrading from your free basic listing to our premium Platinum listing. Check out what the premium profiles includes and how your business will benefit from it: Venue Packages
  3. How do I receive proposals?
    Venue listings with a Platinum subscription as well as listed service providers can be contacted and receive proposals directly through venueScout.
  4. What is a ‘promoted’ listing?
    Venues that upgrade their basic listing to an upgraded Platinum version and make a payment for 2024 are indicated as being ‘Promoted’ – these listings include added functionality and features, rank higher in search results, show additional information and showcase more than one image. Check out our upgrade options.
  5. In which order do the listings appear on venueScout.org?
    Listings usually appear based on the search criteria of the user in alphabetical order and can then be further sorted. Premium listings will be featured more prominently with Platinum having priority over Basic listings.
  6. Can users leave feedback about my business and why is feedback important?
    One of the main goals for venueScout is to provide transparent feedback for the events industry and to allow venues and service providers to deal with feedback adequately. Also, a business that proactively responds to feedback is seen as being proactive. So yes, Organizers, Visitors and Exhibitors can rate your venue or service based on their experiences. They can judge certain pre-stated criteria and leave a comment, which you can respond to when holding a Platinum profile listing. Your response is also published and can be seen by users of venueScout. Although users can opt to leave a comment anonymously, they will be asked to provide their contact details to venueScout, so we are able to identify possible fraud.
  7. How do I know who looked at my profile?
    venueScout does not capture personalized user information, therefore the only way to know who looked at your profile is when you receive a request for a proposal (available for Platinum listing holders).
  8. How do I cancel my listing on venueScout.org?
    In order for you to cancel your paid listing, please notify us of your wish to cancel in writing at least 3 days before your listing renewal date.


  1. Which payment methods does venueScout accept?
    We accept payment by credit card, by invoice and by Alipay.


  1. How much does it cost for my business to be listed on venueScout.org?
    For exhibition and event venues, we offer two types of listings: A basic listing, which is free-of-charge and a Platinum listing, which is further categorized if you are a “large” or “small” venue. Please go to our venue package page for more details.

    For Service Providers we offer one type of listing. The price depends on the geographical business offer of the service provider. Please find more details here.
  2. Are venueScouts prices per business listing or per account?
    venueScout charges apply per separate business listing.


  1. How can I contact you?
    You can reach us by email or phone. Go to our Contact Us page for all details.

We are more than happy to provide you with advice to get your business listing with venueScout up and running, as well as helping you avoid common mistakes.

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